Running Cloudera Hadoop on Mac OSX (Quick and Easy way)

  • Download Hadoop from the Cloudera website. You would need the tar file. I downloaded the Hadoop 0.20.2 version.
  • Untar and set up an environment variable HADOOP_HOME to point to that location.
  • cd to the conf folder
    update the hdfs-site.xml file with these changes (replace the items in bold to relevant folders and they need to have the right permissions):
  • Update the core-site.xml with:
  • Update the “masters” and “slaves” configuration files with “localhost”
  • Make sure that ssh is turned on for your Mac.
  • Format the DFS: hadoop namenode -format
  • Run => this should start the following processes:
    $ jps
  • Copy a few files from local to dfs and you are all set.

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