I was interested in figuring out the time taken for a HTTP SSL handshake and the following file download time and after a discussion with colleagues decided in utilizing ssldump.


The ssldump utility can either read the output of tcpdump or could simply be set to listen on a particular interface as well. Some examples follow:

Listen on the Loopback interface  “lo”:

Note that if the client and server are on the same machine then this is what you might need to do.

Listen on a particular interface:

It could also read the generated output of tcpdump:

However if you have network traffic captured as a result of running tcpdump and running ssldump on it leads to “ERRORLength mismatch” message, then one needs to increase the packet capture size. This is what I did for a quick check:

Here the value “0” is assocated with the “snarflen” (-s) argument and it implies that we “use the required length to catch whole packets” (from the man page of tcpdump).


For ssldump troubleshooting, please refer to:

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